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A Bit About Katheryne...

Hello! My name is Katheryne Lewis (she/her). I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Washington and a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Oregon. I earned my Masters degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling as well as a certificate in Ecopsychology from Lewis and Clark College. 


My counseling practice is oriented to Narrative Theory, Ecopsychology, and Existentialism. Celebrating each individual’s uniqueness, I aim to help clients understand their stories within a larger sociocultural context while encouraging them to make room for meaningful narratives. Narrative theory emphasizes that our stories are not only our own, but are comprised of the narratives that society may have of us. It is important to embolden the voice of the client as they work to rewrite the storylines of their identity. Acknowledging the anxieties and hardships of life as pieces of a grander puzzle, I work to help clients create meaning while also acknowledging and holding the larger systems of oppression accountable for the barriers they continuously uphold.

With a background in environmental conservation, I hold true that in order for our ecosystems to thrive, it embraces all that is queer, diverse, strange, unique, beautiful, and mystifying. The fact is, there is nothing queerer than nature. Imagine the thriving community we could cultivate if we choose to use nature as a mirror and model for success. As a queer Black woman and a clinician, my goal is to help my clients understand their unique existence in this greater ecosystem, ready to be embraced for all that they are.

While I provide counseling to individuals of all ages and social locations, my primary experience is working with teenagers. Honoring my role as an advocate for youth, I hope to normalize the presence of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as key components to create a meaningful and successful life. However, no matter who you are, I hope to empower you in deepening your awareness of self and safely hold space for you to explore the unknown. I offer you compassionate validation, guidance, curiosity and challenge. While this process won’t be easy, I hope you will allow me to sing praises of your unique story until your voice finds the strength to do the same.

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