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A Bit About Kaylee...

Hi! My name is Kaylee (she/they) and I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist in Washington and Hawaii and an Associate Therapist in Oregon. I received my Master’s in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy at Lewis and Clark College in 2021. I completed training in EMDR therapy in 2022 and am in the process of becoming trained in the Gottman Method. I am a queer, monogamish, Asian and Pacific Islander, neurodiverse, femme person who is temporarily able-bodied and currently exists in a mid-size body. I name these aspects of my identity because my lived experience influences who I am as a therapist and I also know how important it can be as someone with marginalized identities to find a provider who is part of your community.

I provide individual, family, and relational therapy to teens and adults who identify as LGBTQIA+, Gender Diverse, all ethnicities, all body sizes, types and abilities. I work with all relationship styles, including monogamy, non-monogamy, polyamory, and relationship anarchy. I am sex-positive, BDSM/kink-aware, and trauma-informed. I draw from Systems Theory, Intersectional and Feminist perspectives, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems and an Intergenerational framework. I incorporate techniques from a range of modalities in order to provide you the best care possible.

I approach therapy from a relational and ecosystemic lens, meaning I acknowledge that we exist in relation to other people and beings, as well as the land we occupy, and our daily life is impacted by larger systems such as capitalism and white supremacy. Human beings are built for connection and that connection to others and to ourselves is often disrupted by systems of oppression. I work with clients to gain insight on their unique struggles and then make change based on their goals. Therapy can be uncomfortable and it can bring up a lot in us because it requires such vulnerability, but that is exactly where change happens.

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