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A Bit About Suzanne...

Hi there, welcome! I’m Suzanne (they/them). I’m a LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist) who serves Oregon and Washington clients. I earned my Master’s degree from Lewis & Clark College Graduate School with a specialization in sex therapy.

I primarily serve couples and different relationship structures. I’m passionate about exploring and strengthening romantic/sexual relationships. Typical topics that I work with in couples therapy include communication issues, escalated/unresolved conflict, sex & intimacy, navigating different neurotypes, infidelity, and differing values/cultures.

What you can expect from working with me for couples therapy: I am an emotion-and-process-focused attachment therapist, which means that cultivating awareness around your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in relation to one another. Throughout sessions, you may notice moments in which I will gently interrupt - this is to gain a deeper understanding of your emotional experience and to dive deeper into the interaction within the relationship. While it might feel jarring, these interruptions are intentional to highlight experiential experiences within the here-and-now moment. You might also notice moments of silence - this is also intentional for two reasons: the first being as an ADHD clinician, it helps me organize my thoughts and nervous system response to the experience at hand, and the second being that silence can deepen the emotions felt within that given moment. As a couples therapist, I utilize Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method, which I am Level 1 & 2 trained.

Aside from my role as a therapist, I share a life with my three cats (Miss Kitty, Scorpia, and Stardust - two of whom you’ll most likely see in sessions) and my two long-term partners. On a typical day off, you’ll find me either reading or playing board games or getting out in nature with my closest people. 

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